Saturday, October 22, 2016

Colours in Decline but Still Pretty Good

I thought that I might be done with autumn colour, but it was still okay when I rambled through our nearby trail the other day: definitely in decline but also still looking good to me. I opted to take the little camera (ostensibly Sue's camera but we share from time to time) and was pretty pleased with the results. I can still shoot in RAW format, which is a big plus for me, compared to most compact cameras. The results are more than satisfactory although not as sharp as I would get from my DSLR and very good wide angle lens. But I don't always want to carry that kit around on a regular old walk.

The water is still very low due to the drought. In fact, it is getting dangerously low, and people upriver who rely on well water are getting worried about its quality. These rocks would not be visible in most years, or if partially visible, I certainly wouldn't be able to scrabble around on them.

That part of the trail is open although you have to get off the path to actually get to the river. Farther along, it is woodsy. Once again, although many leaves have been dropped and expose plenty of bare branches, good colour still remains although not for very much longer.

At the other end, the view opens up once again, but just briefly before turning inland into a park. Once again, we wouldn't expect to see the foreground rocks being exposed, or at least  not very much.

Edit: Found this map of water conditions in southern Ontario. We are in the heart of the red zone.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Jonathan's First Game

Jonathan had his first hockey game of the season on Saturday (as well as his second on Sunday, but it was out of town and we didn't attend). He is doing very well and having fun, which is the important thing.

I never know where he's going to be, and many of my shots were fro the back, but he is breaking down the left wing in this photo, which I decided to post in mono.

Here's a head-on shot: not the best focus, but it's still a good moment.

He drives toward the net on a bit of a breakaway.

He had two breakaways but didn't score. Goals were hard to come by; there were only 3 in the whole game, 2 by his team. His over-skated the puck on this one, but it was a good try.

His position was defence, which is what he was guarding in this photo.

He has his eye on the puck carrier.

.A few more times with the puck.

It was fun to see. He's made amazing progress in the two years since he began, not being able to skate.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Last Hurrah ... Maybe

On Saturday, after JJ's game, we didn't want to waste what may be the last very good day of the season. We were expecting rain the next day, but on this day, the sun was shining, and the trees were still very colourful, So, we decided that a drive into the country was what needed to happen.

We headed out to Wheeler's Maple Sugar Camp for a late-ish lunch and saw many beautiful stands of colour on our route. I finally managed to find a spot to take a roadside photo.

Wheelers was busy with both cars and motorcycles. Thankfully, the motorcycles weren't Hells Angels but a group of armed services vets.

Pointing the camera in the other direction, the old shack was well framed by the trees.

After lunch, we took a short but glorious walk on the trail in the sugar bush. It was lovely with leaves both underfoot and overhead. In some of the photos, you can see the boulders on this Precambrian Shield bedrock. They were deposited here near the end of the ice age. You can also glimpse the maple sap lines in some photos.

As we are wont to do, we took the long way home driving on some pretty rural roads that weren't always paved.

The next few shots are of the little hamlet of Watsons Corners.

Finally, one more shot from the roadside.

The colour will soon fade as we go into two poor photographic months. The trees will be bare, and there will be very few pretty sights before the snow falls. What is an outdoor type of photographer to do?

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Riverside Park on TG

I know that I have been posting photos galore lately. But dreary times are coming, so make hay while the sun shines and all that.

On Thanksgiving Day, before the trad turkey dinner, Sue and I went for a stroll in our little park. It was a bit windy and brisk, but it was a delight nevertheless. The trees were not in their full glory but glorious enough for me.

There is one central, tree-lined path through the park

A golden tree back from the path.

 Someone had moved a picnic table to beside the river, so I got Sue to sit there briefly, but it was a windy day and bad for the hair.

Walking back to the car, you couldn't ask for much more of a display from these trees. The building in the background is the high school.

Canada's oldest operating canoe club is located on the edge of the park. We went up onto the deck for a few shots up the river.

I feel as though I may be done my fall foto extravaganza, but perhaps I will get out a few more times between now and the day for which I have pre-dated this post.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Family Photos at Kintail

More shots from the Mill of Kintail and our family walk there on the day before Thanksgiving.

There is a little empty cabin, which we call the Goldilocks house. It is worth a picture or two every time.

There is a little loft inside that the kids like to climb into. Danica discovers that some things actually get harder as you get older and bigger.

From the loft, JJ peers out the window.

Sue snapped a picture of me taking the above picture.

There is also a museum on the property, and we usually go in for just one more look around.

Danica in the doorway reminded me of this photo that I took 7 years ago. I finally found the photo in my September '09 folder. I had looked in October, November and December of several years before I did a better search. I love this one.

The kids wanted to go upstairs again and reprise a few shots that I had taken of them in the windows in previous years. While we have managed better shots in the past, I am glad that we tried again.

Allow me to leave you with two more of JJ being JJ and one of Danica being her sweet self.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Local Colour Too

We arrived home a few days before Thanksgiving, and on Sunday proceeded to one of our haunts: a nearby conservation area, The Mill of Kintail. There was colour there too.

There were other non-colourful photos, but I'll save them for another post. I hate to overtax y'all. :)