Monday, August 14, 2017

Blakeney Conservation Area

On Friday, after viewing the sunflowers, we headed over to Blakeney where there are rapids and a nice, little conservation area. It was only a mile or so from the sunflower field, and it is one of our goto spots for a quick, little outing.

Just in from the parking lot there is a bench, and this is where we sat for awhile as the kids wandered here and there around the riverbank. JJ would usually climb this tree and has in the past, but not on this day.

There was a fisherman within our view from the bench where Sue and I sat.

Eventually I wandered around and took some different shots of the fisherman.

I used the milkweed as a foreground element in this one and focused on it, leaving the man out of focus.

Later, I used some loosestrife as a foreground element but included the kids in the frame.

The ladies weren't in the mood for trekking into the woodland part, so JJ and I went off together. There are a number of footbridges to get over the branches of the river as it splits apart for a short time in this area, and JJ being JJ did some climbing and posing. They often tell me when to take photos now.

It's been a wet summer, and we came to a low-lying muddy patch that I didn't want to try to navigate with my poor and untrustworthy lower limbs, but JJ was all up for it and then did some more posing.

It was time to head back, but I took this shot on my way. It is an amalgam of 4 photos to make it a faux long exposure with a bit of blur on the water.

We have a week off before we get the kids for another week, but I hope to get around to showing some of the crafting of slime before then.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

More Sunflowers

Please forgive me, but I can't resist. I've done a little more with some of my other sunflower photos, and I might as well post them.

It's so nice that the property owners actually encourage people to visit and photograph (see sign).

More family photos amongst the flowers.

JJ is almost lost in there.

And a few more of the flowers themselves.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sunflowers Galore

We were babysitting the grands this past week or at least three days of it. While the making of slime became the main focus of the week, we got out to a sunflower field on our final afternoon. I've never been close to one before, so it was quite a treat.

The field was quite extensive. It would have been nice to see it from a stepladder to catch more of the farther plants, but the thoughtless owners did not provide one.

The kids wandered along the edge.

And then we went in.

I tried many shots, but this one came out best IMO.

I like this one too but not quite as much, partly because the sky was more blown out with only the gray parts remaining. Perhaps I should have replaced the sky or at least eliminate the gray parts, and perhaps I will still do that but not now.

There was a bit more wandering, but the clan walked back towards me before we headed off.

A nice half hour it was.

Monday, August 07, 2017

Bridge Street Summer Fest

They do this every year on the first weekend of August — close off Main Street for displays and vendors. Usually the temperature is rather torrid, but this year, it was cool enough for long pants and heavier shorts. Until later in the morning that is; by then I was getting a little too warm.

Up until this year, it was called the Bridge Street Bazaar, but it's the same by any name. On one hand I don't get the attraction of setting up a half mile of vendors booths, but it is well attended, and, darn it all, I go too.

There were some interesting costumes.

And various musicians.

More costumes.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

A Sleepover At Last

We have owed JJ a sleepover for weeks now. He was supposed to go first, and we had his date lined up, but then something or other intervened, so Danica took his spot. We finally remedied that situation on the weekend.

They usually get a sleepover treat when they sleepover, and this was no exception, but there's no picture, so we'll move on. Move on to Movie.

JJ gets to bring or pick a movie, and this time he chose Robin Hood — again. And we watched it with him. Again! There's something comforting about routine sometimes.

Sometimes, he likes to snuggle during a movie.

He still gets a bedtime story when he's here. He found Hansel and Gretel and hadn't read it yet, so it was a good choice.

At other times, like the next morning, he took over my computer space, not to use the computer so much but to begin to craft a comic book. We had found some images on the computer for him to work from.

As the cat hovered.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

First Picnic

Oh my! With summer half gone, we hadn't had our first picnic yet! Among other things, I think the weather has to shoulder a major share of the blame.

Whatever! It was time to remedy that sorry situations by visiting Tims and then taking coffee and sandwiches to our favourite spot, right new our favourite tee. I think it's everyone's favourite tree, which is here in this shot.

That shot was looking upriver from where we sat. Here is a downriver shot. Sue is off to the right.

Across the river was a line of seagulls — for awhile anyway.

Then, the paddlers came, mostly kids from the canoe club daycamp not very far downstream.

We stayed for about an hour and a half, reading and gazing for awhile after eating. There were others enjoying the day.

It was good to get out and enjoy a very fine summer's day in this grand little park in this fine little town..