Sunday, February 19, 2017

No Spring Flowers Here

We had a snow day, which we define as a day when school buses are cancelled, and we had another day when the buses could very well have been cancelled. We've had a lot of cancellations this winter, so I guess that's why they didn't cancel on the second day. Sometimes, they end up cancelling based on the forecast, and the weather doesn't get too bad; at other times, they probably could be more cautious, but I can see why there's some pressure to keep the schools running at full vigour after many cancellations. (Would it be possible for me to write some form of cancel any more than I did? I should cancel my use of cancel.)

As I see photos from my blog friends of spring flowers emerging, I am sure that you'd like to see how things stand in the good ole Ottawa Valley. Keep in mind that we've had snow on many of the days of the past three weeks but not always like the two dumpings this week.

↑ The path to our front door kept getting narrower and narrower.

↓ The hydrant across the street is almost obscured, and would be more so if good neighbour hadn't shovelled a little path to it. You can see why they attach those extenders in winter.

↑A view from the street. That's JJ burying Danica in the distance.

↓ A few closer views of the burial below.

↑ She totally covered, and JJ is quite pleased.

↓ She emerges. What fun!

↓ Now it's his turn.

↓ JJ begins to emerge, like a monster form the deep.

At had to go to a business just off main street. This ↓ was the driveway entrance.

Finally, some video clips of the kids having fun in the snow while waiting for their somewhat delayed school bus. ↓ Plus some neighbourhood snow removal.

Friday, February 17, 2017


MY PEEPS! It's me again! Dani here!! Yes I titled the blog post.Valentines day is tomorrow, for me, not the publish date, and it's a SNOW DAY!!!!! So! Let's answer some questions AGAIN!!!!!! YAY!!!!! THANKS FOR THE QUESTIONS!!! LET'S GO!!              

Q: Tell us about your school this year, Danica.

A: I love my new school! We have sports teams, morning announcements, ( by students including ME!) and other AWESOME things, celebrations, and different types of days.

Q: Good job on your post, Danica. Tell us a book you like.

A: I adore a book I received at Christmas, "Are you there, God? It's me, Margaret." It's such a nice book.

Q: Other than that, I think the favourite books and music questions have been asked, what about films, has that been done yet?

A: I never really got asked on my Q&A's. I recently watched the "Lego Batman" movie. It's pretty good and I love it, but it's not my favourite movie. I can't think of anything else, so it's 13 going on 30. My favourite TV show is Friends. Ross and Rachel forever!!!

Q: I was going to ask, what do you think of snow? But I think I know the answer!!!

A: Well, I love to have fun in it, but this happens:

SnowpantsgloveshatbootscoatWHY!! SnowinthemallWHY!!!

Q: I'm interested to know which provinces you have visited and which are next on your list.

A: Been to: Ontario, Quebec.
Going to: New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on my way to P.E.I. I think there is one more province, but I'm unsure what it is.

Q: As well, you must be so excited about going on a cruise. It is amazing! Maybe you will keep a journal so you can do some travel blogging after your cruise-- that is really fun.

A: Yes! I'm very excited! And you read my mind about the journal, but had a FANTASTIC idea about the blog. Why not! Hopefully I'll remember, because it's not until December.


Thanks for the questions! Feel free to ask some more!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Afghan Explained

A little while ago, I posted some pics of Sue's incredible afghan and hoped that she would eventually do a blog about it. Well, now she has, and I am cross-posting it here.


Well, it has taken me a while to get back into blogging, but life has been busy, and I thought I would take a little vacation from blogdom.  It didn't take long for something else to fill the gap though, so life didn't get less busy, just  a tad more relaxing.

AC posted a blog about the Peppermint Afghan I made for Shauna's birthday, and asked me to do a guest blog about the creative process for some of you interested bloggers out there.  So here goes....

Some time last fall Shauna sent me a picture of a Peppermint Afghan, and jokingly suggested that I  make her one.  I thought the pattern was beautiful and worth looking into to see how difficult it might be.  Maybe, just maybe I could do it.  After some searching  I discovered it was a free pattern from Red Heart wool  so I downloaded it.  What a surprise to find  5 long, detailed pages of instructions sitting in the printer tray.  After one attempt to read through it I knew it was beyond me.  I couldn't make head nor tail of  most of it.  Sigh!

Luckily I noticed a link to a video on the web page, and it was just what I needed to walk me through each and every step of the pattern.   It was over an hour long, and I watched it over and over again as I inched my way through the pattern.

After watching the video a few times and getting the pattern etched into my brain,  I went in search of some wool and a crochet hook.  What an adventure that was.  A local craft store had wool on sale, so AC and I set off with pattern in hand.  I had no idea how to read the instructions on type of wool, weight, how many balls to buy etc, so stopped many ladies in the wool section of the store to ask if they were knitters, and would they please help me with this pattern.  Most were very helpful, and as AC and other husbands patiently stood by, very kind ladies wandered around the wool department with me, helping me choose the right weight, and number of balls of wool I would need.  After an exhausting hour or so, we finally walked out of the store with a big bag of red and white wool. Sheesh, what an ordeal.

Now the real work or fun, would begin.

The first step in the process was to make 42 peppermint circles.  Rows 1 to 10 were the same for all 42, so once I got that pattern in my head, it was clear sailing, but row 11 was different.  So, I made all 42 circles up to row 10, then set about completing row 11 on each one.

I needed 10 circles with pattern 1 for row 11; 10 circles with pattern 2 for row 11; 9 circles with pattern 3 for row ll; 9 circles with pattern 4 for row 11; 2 circles with pattern 5 for row 11; and 2 circles  with pattern 6 for row 11.  Are you confused yet?

A picture of motif #1.  The lone circle with the red edging shows the finished motif or circle up to row 10.  The group of 9 shows the finished motif with the unique white edging.  

Reverse side of the motif.  The red and white wool is not stitched together, just woven along the underside.  

The pattern also called for 30 small square motifs to intersperse in the design when sewing the afghan together.    They were all the same, so once I got to this step it was easy peasy!  Sort of.
Once I had all the #1 motifs completed I knew I had to work out a system to keep all the different numbered motifs clearly marked and separated to make it possible to put them in the right order when sewing the project together.
To keep myself organized I set up 6 bags each labeled with the motif number, and colour coded each bag and motif with different coloured wool.  This was a very important step, as each numbered motif would be placed in a different location on the afghan when I started sewing it together.   Yikes what a puzzle.

If you look closely, you will notice the different coloured threads on each circle.  
Each motif had to be placed in a specific order with the small square motifs between each row.  I had to lay them out on the bed, tie them together at the corners, then move it to my lap to sew it together.

I had extra wool left over, so I added the red and white boarder,  but it was not called for in the pattern.   
I started work on the project in November, and at the end of  December presented Shauna with a bag of wool, a picture of the afghan, and a few completed  peppermint circles along with a note saying the completed afghan might arrive by her birthday in 2017.

Surprisingly I got it done ahead of schedule, and presented it to her at dinner one night in January.
Looks great doesn't it?

Lots of room for us all to snuggle down under.
Now that I know what I am doing, I might make another one.  I'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

When it Snows in Canada

When it snows in Canada...

Canadians go driving ...

and shopping ...

and some even drive into the city to go to a movie.

Let the record show that I was not among the Some who drive into town to see a movie. I mean I admit to not being very bright, but I wouldn't have been keen on making that trip.

A  n  d ... just because I am posting this on Valentine's Day, here is a corner in our place as a wish for a happy day to you. To fit with the day better, at least in my mind, I repainted the walls ... in Photoshop only.

I never noticed how the lamp is not quite centered under the mirror.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bring it On

It happens every year. I like winter, I really do. I look forward to snow, and the cold is fine with me too. Many don't like it or say they don't, but that's me.

However, come about mid-February, I weary of it, for once we get snow-covered around here, which usually happens by the end of November, it stays for months. It doesn't matter how many warm spells we have or how many rains, the snow sticks ... and sticks.

It will stick here for another month or even longer.

And we are expecting a major fall today.

This year, due to health and commitments, we haven't been able to get to the cottage where we can really enjoy winter.

Just in case you don't believe me, these are all recent February photos around our little front yard.

The kids began to dig a fort ↑ or hollow in the snow. I have done this for them in other years, but they started it this time.

But it was so icy underneath ↓ that I decided to help dig it lower.

You can get an idea of the fort's depth in this ↓ shot.

A few other photos.

↑ Kids are tenuous heading out the door because the top layer was an inch or more of ice. They didn't have the strength to get clear the heavy and hardness of it, so I helped out.

↓ Danica had slid down the icy slope from the lip of the fort. Meanwhile, JJ is either jumping in or climbing out. The latter, I think.

Finally, directly across the street, is the neighbourhood fire hydrant. It helps to have that arm extender in winter for easy finding if needed.

Okay, the kids had fun, and it looks pretty enough, so I feel better already. Bring on the next storm.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hockey Season Begins to End

We have had a few final hockey events in the past week. Jonathan played in this final game of the regular season, and Danica had her final night at First Shift.

Jonathan's team ended the regular season on a high note, and he scored a goal. It was very quick off a faceoff, so I missed it with the camera. Of course, he still has a tournament to play and up to a month of playoffs.

He scored a goal in this game, and although I missed capturing it, I did get the following two thwarted attempts.

A few days later, Danica went to her final session at First Shift. As it turns out, this will be her final shift as she has discovered that skating and hockey aren't her thing. But I am very proud of her, for she attended her 12 sessions with a good attitude and no whining and complaining.

Meanwhile, thank you for those who read and responded to her guest blog. Next week, I will get her to answer your questions either on that blog here or on a new post. I will let you know which.

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Guest Blog with Dani!!!

Hi people!!! It's me, Danica again. How are you liking 2017? It should be a FANTASTIC year for me.
Hopefully. Let's review my pro's of this year.

-Double digits!!!! 10?!? WHAT??
-Trip to P.E.I.
(My third province to go to. 2 more on the way!!!!!!)  
 -Going on a cruise! The LARGEST one in the world!!!!! OMG!!!!!

What about yours? Tell me in the comments!!!

Yes, since it's a guest blog, I will be talking about the Q&A. Leave questions in the comments as well!! Here are some sentence starters, which you probably won't need. Haha.

-What is your favourite.....
-What do you think about......
-What do think it'll......
-When will you.....
-Why are you......

Something I randomly want to ask\say\mention I DON'T KNOW! My birthday is in April, so I sometimes say, "I won't get ___________ until April at least." Mostly it's about iPods :) What about you? I don't quite like my phone.

Changing the subject!!!!
Winter, when will you go? I like my forts, yes, but, SERIOUSLY WHEN WILL IT GO? AAAAAAAAA!! ❄Whatever❄ 

So, I think that was enough talk, so